ARROW SYSTEMS SDN BHD is a company specialising in food industry machinery processes. Over the years, the company has earned goodwill and recognition from clients for its quality machineries, value-added technical support and efficient after-sales service.

ARROW SYSTEMS was founded in 1994. Its head office and factories are located in the Pengkalan Industrial Park in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. It is one of the machinery companies in Malaysia with the largest and strongest technical support team, with technical support centres located in Kuala Lumpur and Penang (Butterworth).

With its excellent skills and expertise, ARROW SYSTEMS’ business focus has been on the field of food industry machinery processes for many years. It is now the machinery manufacturing company with the most extensive experience and operating at the largest scale in the area of food industry machinery in Malaysia. The company has earned a wide reputation by successfully undertaking numerous food industry machinery projects over the years.

By engaging us, you will benefit from ARROW SYSTEMS’ expertise, advanced technical skills and quality services. Projects entrusted to us will be executed with the highest level of care and effort. We are committed to rewarding each of our supportive clients with commercial sincerity and dedicated service.


As a company specialising in machinery processes, ARROW SYSTEMS’ business is of a B2B nature, with primary clients comprising various food manufacturing enterprises, particularly enterprises that require one-stop mechanised production lines.

Our clients come from all over Malaysia. With our expertise and technical skills, we have also attracted clients from abroad such as Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Central Africa, the Republic of the Congo, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, New Zealand, etc.


ARROW SYSTEMS’ core business is in the manufacture of food industry machinery processes – an area in which we are the most confident. The types of food produced by such machineries include leisure food products, healthcare products, biscuits, 3-in-1 coffee, etc.

In its supply of machinery processes, ARROW SYSTEMS is not only concerned with the sale of machineries, but also with the mechanised design of the entire food production line and with achieving a production flow that is streamlined and practical from start to finish. This includes attending to various tasks ranging from food research and production, machinery building, production line design to production packaging – essentially encompassing the whole mechanised work process.

In other words, ARROW SYSTEMS not only sells food machineries but also designs the whole mechanised production process. With its expert knowledge, extensive experience and advanced technologies, ARROW SYSTEMS is able to help you realise a highly efficient production line through the application of machineries.

The client may provide us with just a food product concept or sample, and leave the completion of the rest of the production process to us. ARROW SYSTEMS designs and builds machinery processes that generate maximum commercial benefit for the clients, for instance, the benefit of maximum cost reduction or the fastest and most simplified production process. This will assist the client in increasing its profit margin significantly and maximising the client’s benefits.

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With the advancement of technology, apart from complicated machinery processes, we have also been developing 2 to 4 different machineries on average each year. They are machinery choices suitable for food product manufacturers in general, and may be customised according to the client’s needs.

Research Advantages

ARROW SYSTEMS is supported by a strong research team, where our researchers are capable of using scientific methods to produce food products of the same quality and taste as specific food products or food samples provided by clients. At the request of clients, the quality, taste and texture of food products can be modified in response to market demands.
After successfully creating a food product, the research and development team will standardise its production and hand it over to the experienced engineers to design, plan and build an entire mechanised production process that is both simple and practical.

When the entire production line is fully developed and stable, ARROW SYSTEMS will conduct a complete knowledge transfer of the food formula and production techniques and impart the whole set of production knowledge and skills to the client.

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We will conduct a suitable training course for the client after the machinery process has been fully set up. The training will cover relevant knowledge and skills, such as food production demonstration, technology transfer, machinery control, machinery hygiene maintenance, emergency response and basic repair knowledge, ensuring that the client fully understands the entire mechanised production process.

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In response to market sensitivities, apart from customised food products, ARROW SYSTEMS’ research and development department has also been developing 4 to 5 brand-new food products on average every year. The food product market is taken into consideration when these R&D projects are carried out, so as to ensure the food products meet consumer demands at the time.

The Added Value

The completion of a machinery process is not the end of the business relationship, but marks the starting point of follow-up services. ARROW SYSTEMS remains in close contact with all its clients – apart from providing expert consultation and technical support at any time, it also assists clients in developing new technologies for new markets.

The function of a sophisticated and flexible food production line is often not confined to producing only a single type of food product. The same mode of production may equally be used for the production of other food products of a similar nature. Therefore, clients who have spotted new market demands may make new food production requests in order to venture into new and different markets.

ARROW SYSTEMS is happy to provide follow-up machinery integration services. If a food product is enjoying popular demand, we are prepared to provide comprehensive technical support, such as the production formula of a new food product, machinery integration and brand-new technologies, in order to assist the client in diversifying its food production.

Follow-up Services

“Follow-up Services” constitute one of the core values of ARROW SYSTEMS. We are highly confident about making this commitment due to the excellent skills and expertise the company has to offer. For instance, we have a sufficient number of experienced engineers, and have set up technical support centres in three major cities in Malaysia.

The company places great emphasis on “follow-up services”, as we understand that a technical issue in machineries may adversely affect the client’s revenue performance. To this end, we have set up technical support centres in Kuala Lumpur, Perak and Penang to provide clients from all locations with the fastest service at any time.

Our experienced engineers have extensive research experience in the area of food machinery processes and deep understanding of the core technologies involved in machineries. They are usually able to troubleshoot machineries based only on the client’s description.

Whether it is an order for a single piece of machinery or a commission for the design and building of a full machinery process, ARROW SYSTEMS is fully committed to providing the best “follow-up services” to all clients equally and creating wealth together with the client.